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magical flying pigs

Welcome to the monthly event board!

Every month the whimlets group will announce a new prompt that you can take part in with your whim! This journal, as well as the group's home page, will always be updated with the current theme! All prompts begin on the first day of each month, and end on the last day of each month.

Prompts have some requirements, so be sure to read through the rules below before entering!

Monthly Prompts

Monthly prompts are small art challenges that you can do with your whimlet to earn bells and help develop your whimlet's character!

~Current Prompt~

Does your whimlet have any family or close friends that they hold dear to them? What do they like about that special whim? Is there an activity they enjoy doing together, or maybe they just enjoy each other's company?
Rewards: 2 Bells
Special Reward: 3 Friendship Points!

Prompt Rules

How To Enter
- Before you participate in any prompt or group activity, you must have your whimlet registered in the group. Please check this starter's guide to find out how to register your whimlet!
- To participate in the prompt, you must draw your whimlet doing something related to the prompt theme and submit it to the Monthly Prompts gallery folder before the last day of the month!
- You must include at least one of your own whimlets in the prompt.
- You must use your own art for the prompt. Having someone else do it for you is not allowed.
- Your piece must be fully colored, have somewhat of a background, and include at least 80% of your character's entire body.
- You may enter the same prompt more than once, however it must be with a different whimlet each time! You cannot enter with the same whimlet more than once per month.
- If an entry doesn't follow the rules, it can be submitted to the featured gallery folder, but will not count for bells.
Earning Extra Bells</u>
- Including another person's registered character will earn you 1 extra bell for up to 2 characters in your entry. You will also win 2 Friendship points per character. The characters can either include another registered whimlet or another registered character from the groups in the top box of the affiliates section on the front page.
- Including a full fleshed out background will earn you 1 extra bell.
- Including a 500 word minimum story or description with your drawn entry will earn you 1 extra bell.
- Written entries alone are not allowed currently.
- If your whimlet has a muddie, you can get 1 friendship point for including them! This rule only applies to a muddie that the whimlet you are using in the prompt has!

That's it! If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below!
Thank you!
~:iconranukii: :iconalunaa:~

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