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magical flying pigs

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R3paired Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Is this a closed species?
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CloverCoin Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
SO I have a weird question but I'm really super interested to know. Do you ever think tusks at all would be a thing with Whimlets? Boar tusks, warthog tusks, uhhh other.. tusked animals I guess. BUT YEAH one of my favorite piggy features and was curious if this would ever be considered for the species. I understand if this just hasn't been thought up, putting a group and lore together is hecking hard so I get that I'm just over eager about these sweet piggies.
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TheDragon-Empress Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Just a heads up that I'm not abandoning this group, I'm just shifting all my CS stuff to Pixiu-Adopts!
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